Pressure Accumulator

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Project details

  • Type of Works: Pressure Vessels
  • Project Name: Pressure Accumulator

One of the most interesting and challenging small vessels we designed and manufactured in recent memory, these experimental tanks were built to contain liquid natural gas (LNG). The vessels had such a high design pressure that the wall thickness (3½”) actually exceeded the radius of the inside diameter (3″). Although- small enough to easily fit into our onsite radiographic testing (RT) enclosure, the thickness of the material required the vessel be taken to a 3rd party facility. High photon energy cobalt-60 was required for non-destructive testing to penetrate the wall thickness. These tests had to be repeated 3 times: following the initial tack welds, after sub arc welding and then once again following heat treatment.

For safety, function and mechanical integrity, these vessels were pressure rated to a formidable 11,000 psi. Certification was challenging due to local safety inspectors being unused to seeing such high tank pressures. However, after a number of discussions and some additional documentation these concerns were resolved and production resumed. 6 of these unique custom vessels were completed in all and although their individual capacity varied between 35-45L each weighed around a ton.