Depropanizer Tower

  • Depropanizer-L
  • Depropanizer2-M

Project details

  • Project Name: Depropanizer Tower
  • Project Type: Pressure Vessel

This depropanizer tower was an interesting opportunity for us to show off three different vessel surface finishes on a single piece of equipment. The majority of the tower was first primed and painted. The bottom section, however, was coated in an insulating cement refractory. While the two portions containing the vessels were insulated and then cladded in aluminum over top of the painted carbon steel. As mentioned – two vessels were contained within this tower. The lower vessel was a depropanizer caustic settler, while the top vessel was a depropanizer water wash settler. From top to bottom the tower was approximately 37’ high and nearly 6’ wide. It was designed withstand a registered test pressure of 540 PSI and up to 650°F. Once completed the tower weighed 21 tons and ballooned to nearly double that weight when pressurized with water during hydro testing.