Oil Well Equipment

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Project details

  • Type of Works: Machining
  • Project Name: Oil Well Equipment

They appear simple enough. However- due to the sensitivity of the environments which they operate, these receptacles are machined, fabricated, abraded and coated to extremely precise tolerances. These receptacles along with the docking ledges and guide cones we produce, serve as housings and guides for many of the removable parts in sub sea oil wells. Each piece of the receptacle is painstakingly measured on our CMM. Welds are radiographically tested for accuracy by our third party partners in our insulated radiographic testing house. Aside from a particularly exotic coating, our paint/blasting supplier had to use an aluminum particulate rather than silica to prime the pieces for coating. By the conclusion of the project we will have completed nearly 220 individual pieces for shipment to begin their careers at the bottom of the sea.